The Power of ZEUS™

ZEUS Full Zirconia

Zeus Full Zirconia is indicated for bruxers and grinders when PFM or full cast restorations are not desired. Zeus is ideally suited for posterior molar crowns when the patient desires tooth-colored restoration but lacks the preparation space or has broken a PFM crown in the past due to bruxing. Chip Resistant, excellent emergence from tissue blending with soft tissue similar to gold. Zeus can be fabricated as single units, bridges, full mouth, and hybrid restorations.

ZEUS Fit to Partial

Combination cases, or fitting a new crown to an existing or future partial is easy, it’s also very little downtime for patients wearing a partial. Only one appointment to the lab for about an hour to have the partial scanned into digital and the patient is on their way. The robust strength of Zeus allows you to place crowns under partials with less metal showing at the rest and clasp site.