Implantology & Hybrids

Screw Retained Implants

Screw retained crowns offer advantages in several clinical situations including those where easy retrievability of the restoration is needed, limited interocclusal clearance is a factor, or residual cement is a concern. Screw retained is an excellent alternative to cemented crowns to avoid common problems such as the crown becoming loose or detaching. These restorations are crafted with dental-specific CAD/CAM technology in order to provide the most precise fit possible. Screw retained crowns are quick to seat and have an extremely life-like emergence profile. Zeus, Athena, or Emax are great choices for screw-retained restorations. All major implant systems are available such as BioHorizons, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Zimmer, Astra, Biomet 3i, Implant Direct, Hiossen, and more.

Gold Anodized Abutments & Custom Bars

To create added beauty, we can anodize grey titanium metal to a warm gold color for abutments or pink for hybrid bars under acrylic for a more natural appearance. You may call our laboratory for more information.


Cement Retained Custom Abutments

Custom abutments are available in titanium or zirconia.  The custom implant abutments are made according to your specifications in order to achieve ideal soft-tissue contours and crown esthetics. The cementable custom-made abutments are designed for excellent stability and precise fit into the sulcus. The margins are gingival or subgingival to enhance retention, provides an improved emergence profile, and the divergent angulation of implants is more easily corrected. Custom abutments can be used in both upper and lower arches on any tooth number and are available for most dental implant systems..

All Zirconia Screw-Retained Bridges

CAD/CAM designed and milled, all-zirconia screw-retained bridges are stronger than other ceramic bridges. These screw-retained bridges offer excellent esthetics as zirconia can be stained or layered as needed and the bridge can be retrieved for inspection, repairs, or cleaning. This implant can be rigidly splinted due to the high modulus of elasticity of zirconia and milling the bridge eliminates distortions and casting errors leading to a more precise fit of the prosthesis. It also reduces plaque retention. Approximately 12mm prosthetic height is required from the implant platform to the occlusal table.

Full Zirconia Hybrids

Zeus Solid Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis offers a fixed, all-zirconia implant solution for edentulous patients desiring a more durable and esthetic replacement for removable dentures. Zeus Solid Zirconia offers superior fracture toughness and exhibits flexural strength up to 1465 MPa, making it ideal for enduring the functional stresses that dentures must withstand. CAD/CAM technology is employed to achieve a precise fit and a predictable result. The Zeus Solid Zirconia Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis offers exceptional resistance to the chips, fractures, and stains that can compromise acrylic dentures.

Bar Supported Hybrids

This prosthesis is attached to a bar that is implanted in the edentulous ridge with locators, which allows the patient to remove it as needed for cleaning or repairs. The bar supported hybrid is a screw retained design with a titanium substructure that is milled via CAD/CAM while the denture teeth are set in acrylic. These hybrids offer exceptional functionality and stability of an implant while allowing the convenience of a removable prosthesis. This restoration has a vertical dimension minimum requirement of 15mm interarch space/per arch.


Rockert Dental is ready to be there Chairside to convert your immediate denture after surgery, we travel to you with all the equipment needed to complete the job, call the lab to case consult and schedule.

All on 4

An All on 4 restorations is a chairside conversion service and are best for maximizing the use of available bone. This treatment is a streamlined full arch rehabilitation where the remaining natural teeth are extracted and implants are loaded with a custom fit fixed implant-supported acrylic bridge the same day. This allows the patient to have a temporary esthetic solution while the abutments heal and the final prosthesis is being fabricated.

Screw Retained Hybrid Dentures (implants)

Screw retained hybrid dentures are proven replacement for removable prosthesis worn by edentulous patients. A custom acrylic framework is fabricated and the titanium bar is incorporated into the acrylic processing of the denture tooth set up. The screw retained hybrid features a framework designed and manufactured by our specially trained technicians using our state of the art CAD/CAM technology . The result is an affordable implant solution for edentulous patients that offer excellent predictability, esthetics, and function.